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Clean Room Panel Supplier In Mumbai

Clean room panel supplier in Mumbai

A large number of applications, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobiles etc. has widely installed Clean Room Panel Structures and we are known for the building of the same, all over Mumbai. Our professionals have a rich industry experience and vast knowledge and therefore we are the best Clean Room Panel Supplier in Mumbai.

Our Clean Room Panel in Mumbai is constructed using the latest advanced techniques so as to meet the industry standards. We assure a promise time frame for the supply of our product among all the Clean Room Panel Suppliers in Mumbai. We have an esteemed name and popularity, credited from the best quality clean room panels that we are building since years.

The clean room panels offered by us, provides advantages like that of 24/7 work shift possibility, reduction in the requirement of labour and much more.

The Clean Room Panel Supplier in Mumbai takes care of the need of customers and supply panels on various specifications, as demanded by the customer.

Weather independent since indoor fabrication
Fast building technology
Fine Finish

Technical Specifications:
Specifications for Sandwich Wall / Ceiling Panels Sandwich type Wall Panel made out of GI
Normal panel Width: 1200 mm (or as per site condition)
Thickness: 40 – 100 mm
MOC: GI precoated / powder coated
GI sheet Thickness: 20 / 22 / 24 gauge
Insulation: Poly Urethane Foam
Density: 40 Kg/m3
Joint: Using al. section for interlocking & leveling of panels
Sealing of Joints: Using silicon sealant of approved color
Bottom: Fixed with aluminium angular connection
Top: Fixed hanger support from RCC slab / MS structural steel grid
Mode of Measurement: Sq. Mtr. (for panels)
View Panels: Necessary view panels should be provided as per details provided in design
Coving: All joint between floor and wall, wall and wall and wall and
ceiling shall be covered with aluminium powder coated coving section
of radius min.50 mm. Joint between coving and surface shall be sealed
with silicon sealant of approved colour
Mode of Measurement: R. Mtr. (Running Meter) (for coving)
Advantages of Modular Plants
Fast building technology – allowing latest start
Accelerated schedule
Parallel activities which are normally in sequence
24/7 shift work possible
Weather independent since indoor fabrication
Movable asset
Validation activities off – site
Reduction in site construction infrastructure
Reduction in site construction labour requirement
Single window managed
Future site modifications easier by changing complete module if


Description Conventional construction Modular Construction
Weight 300 Kg/Sq.mtr 25 Kg/Sq.mtr
Walkable ceiling 500 Kg/Sq.mtr.(RCC) 45 Kg/Sq.mtr
Load Bearing capacity 150 Kg/Sq.mtr
Surface finish Average smooth RA=0.6 microns
Thermal conductivity 0.35 0.12
Condensation Normal No condensation
Particle shedding Yes No
Shipping in case of impact Surface gets damaged Minimum
Moisture Retention Very common Normal
Cost to be considered Basic brick wall
Construction cost
Plastering cost
Epoxy painting cost
Only panels