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Clean Room Air Conditioning in Mumbai

Clean room air conditioning offers outdoor DX condensing units in various tonnage ranges and different combinations. We are one of the fastest growing companies among the entire Clean Room Air Conditioning in Mumbai. Clean room air conditioning is used to circulate air for comfort cooling, ventilation and humidity control.

Proper ventilation is very necessary as it helps to improve indoor air quality. Also, excess of humidity can lead to poor construction and inadequate air exchange. Therefore, clean room air conditioning is a very necessary solution to such unwanted environmental effects. We work with an aim to become a leading innovator in providing clean room air conditioning in Mumbai. A testing service is also provided from our side to verify our clean room air conditioning.

The HVAC system that we use for clean room air conditioning, play a very important role at a place where the clean room air conditioning is installed.

Clean Room Doors Supplier in Mumbai

Several types of doors are required for a clean room to maintain the required temperature. For this purpose, we use thermally insulated material to build the clean room doors. Unlike the other entire Clean Room Doors Supplier in Mumbai, our company provides versatility in the performance of the doors in addition to an exclusively extended life.

We also offer automatic clean room doors that are used in operation theatres, to keep the air temperature, pressure and movement in control. The galvanized and stainless steel used in the clean room doors, is highly resistant to corrosion.

The clean room doors that we offer in Mumbai, increases the cost-effectiveness of the clean room as the fast opening and closing of the doors minimizes the air loss and exchange. Our clean room doors requires very less maintenance and has a surface that can be easily cleaned and does not allow dust particles to rest on it. The clean room doors with a vision panel, is available in all the required sizes and colors as demanded by the customers.

The availability of variant colors makes our company highly unique among the entire Clean Room Doors Supplier in Mumbai. Our specialty comes with the aluminum frames on the clean room doors that give it an airtight fit. The clean room doors that we supply get easily integrated in the wall systems.

The Clean Room Doors Supplier in Mumbai uses all the accessories for the doors that meet the international standards.

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